Welcome to Barefoot in Belfast

Welcome to Barefoot In Belfast! The Barefoot in Belfast bookshop is your local stockist of Barefoot Books, for children aged 0-12.  Click on the banners to find out what offers are running this month via the Barefoot Books website. Visit the Barefoot in Schools page, or check out my about page to find out a little more about me and what Barefoot Books has to offer you. Have a browse through the Book Lab to see what books we have that are the perfect fit for you, and if there’s something you’d like to see covered, then let me know. Barefoot Books are beautiful books which draw stories from all over the world, encouraging creativity and a love of the planet. Most of all, they remind me that reading is a pleasure we should share with our children. I love reading your comments, so please leave your thoughts or questions on any of the post or pages.

The main Barefoot Books website also contains lots of fun stuff – you will find book club guides, forums and e-cards as well as arts and crafts activities that you can share with the little ‘uns. Be sure to visit and make the most of Barefoot Books!


Barefoot in Belfast Bookshop

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